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Relief Materials Distribution, HIV Screening and Medical Outreach on the Saturday 4th November, 2017


 To provide and carry out HIV screening for the internally displaced persons, and
administer treatment.
 To provide relief materials for the internally displaced persons ,
 To create a data profile for the IDP camp.

Overview of activity: Saturday 4 th of November, 2017, Envision Global Care Foundation
organized a medical outreach in partnership with SAYITNigeria and Amanda Chisom
Foundation. The aim of the activity is to sensitize and support the IDPs on the importance of
HIV and AIDS screening, prevention and treatment. The Foundation also provided relief
materials as part of its humanitarian service to the camp

The Outreach conducted included:
 Counseling (pre-counseling)
 HIV screening
 Games
 Distribution of relief materials
 Distribution of Cooked food

Counseling: A pre-counseling session was carried out to sensitive the participants on the need
to carry out the test and why. The counseling session was handled by the SAYITNigeria
Counselor Mrs. Abigail Agada. She created awareness on the nature of the screening and its

HIV test: In order to carry out the test, 3 booths were created by the Foundation, each booth
was created for a specific reason. The first booth was created as the reception for the
participants awaiting their turn to be tested. The second booth was created for the test to be
carried out. In the booth, the Foundation conducted a bio data test while the SAYITNigeria
representatives carried out the test. The bio data was conducted by the Foundation’s medical
aid and language interpreters. The data was used by the SAYITNigeria representatives to give
remarks. In order to maintain decorum, tags were given to each participant. The third booth had
the relief materials and cooked food for the internally displaced persons. The details of the data
 Name
 Sex
 Age
 State of origin

 Status (Orphan, displaced or disabled)
 Clinical notes and prescription.

The bio data was specifically created to know the different states that cohabit in the IDP and the
age grade as seen in table 1 and 2. This information provided helps the Foundation process the
different types of needs for the camp based on age and further information for future.
Games: In order to maintain decorum and orderliness, the Foundation coordinated games with
the children. Games such as dancing competition and spelling bee were played to occupy the
minds of the children while they awaited their turns and to coordinate the distribution of the relief

Distribution of relief materials: In partnership with the Foundation, Amanda Chisom
Foundation donated relief materials such as soaps, detergents, sanitary towels, slippers, writing
materials, and creams, foodstuff and cooked food.


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