The President, Envision Global Care Foundation

President, EGCF’s goal is that the less privileged access quality, high-impact maternal and child healthcare at little or no financial cost.

Whenever the data relating to diseases, pandemics and poor health outcomes are measured and discussed, the lot of society that is usually most burdened are the poor and the less-privileged persons, especially women and children dwelling in rural areas. Population increases in recent decades had strained rural communities across Africa, and this has led to a massive increase in the number of people vulnerable to illnesses, and needing care, as well as a huge increase in the proportion of people who cannot afford adequate healthcare. Further, I find that to neglect the pressing needs of the less-privileged, especially for quality healthcare, is not just inhumane but a neglect of global health security.
In founding Envision Global Care Foundation (EGCF), my passion and goal is to see that the underserved and less privileged have access to quality, high-impact maternal and child healthcare at little or no financial cost to the recipients. This pursuit is anchored on the belief that every individual, no matter their social status, is an asset to the world, especially if they have the basic need of healthcare catered for. Therefore, EGCF embarks on outreaches to rural settlements, providing the less-privileged with free medical check-ups and counseling, drugs and relief materials, in order to support their constant struggle to survive. Also, as an extension of advancing the wellbeing of the less-privileged, EGCF works as an advocacy agency, to ensure that the voices of these individuals are heard.

Yet, though the passion to care for the less-privileged burns within me, there remains so much more that can be done in partnership with governments, companies and well-meaning individuals. Hence, the need for a call to concerned citizens across the world and to government agencies, NGOs and other development partners tasked with the burden of catering for the poor and displaced – my passionate desire is to see an Africa where the less-privileged are treated with the highest levels of dignity and care, especially as it pertains to quality health and livelihoods. I hope that from the poor children roaming the slummy streets to the traumatized families huddled in rustic communities, healthcare is made FREE and readily available. My prayer for each day is for influential individuals to see the value in every human life, and to consider that our world is not safe if the poor is neglected. This great dream is in high motion already, and it will become greater when you reach out in partnership with us to build a healthy, prosperous Africa.


Doris Onuohah

President, Envision Global Care Foundation

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