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The President, Envision Global Care Foundation

In recent times, we have witnessed diseases, pandemics and other forms of health crisis affecting our societies.

The data relating to this always point to the most vulnerable and marginalized groups living in rural settlements or in conflict zones.  In founding Envision Global Care Foundation (EGCF), my passion and goal is to see that the underserved or vulnerable groups have ‘access’ to quality, high-impact, efficient and effective healthcare service and infrastructure whenever they need it. This pursuit is anchored on the belief that every individual, irrespective of their social, gender, religion and class statuses; is an asset to the world, especially if they have the basic need of healthcare catered for.

Therefore, EGCF embarks on core robust, innovative healthcare systems development programs, that will ensure effective and result-filled impacts to far-reached, underserved families across the African continent.

Though the passion burns within me, there remains so much more that can be done in partnership and collaborations with governments, companies and well-meaning individuals. Hence, the need for a call to concerned citizens across the world, government agencies, NGOs and other development partners to work tirelessly and ensure healthcare is made FREE and readily available for everyone. This great dream is in high motion already and it will become greater when you reach out in partnership with us to build a healthy, prosperous Africa.



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