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Positivity has often been regarded as a mental therapy or a mental cap that people has to put on through every activity of life, irrespective of the outcomes from situations. It a product of psychology,which means it depends on the individual to maintain positivity. To be positive means to be able to muster oneself especially when disappointed by a particular outcome. This is a continuous process and the probability of getting disappointed by outcomes is very possible and inevitable. People often believe that, there is happiness in being positive, they will be bent to being positive irrespective of their present situation. This has led to a constant neglect in the suffering associated with self realization or self search. In the quest to find happiness with the help of positivity, has caused a chain of suffering that has been neglected due to the course to strive for general happiness.

The greatest feeling one can get is in giving, caring, sharing and loving. These are all elements of positive psychology and would help build a better person and in turn a better world when we all work and walk with these elements.

In a nutshell, measuring happiness is having an aim, working towards it and doing all to attain the feat irrespective of varying factors. In achieving giant strides the happiness can be due to individual fulfillment. Some are happy with Bsc in happiness, some Msc in happiness and some want to go all the way to PhD in happiness to get fulfilled and therefore happiness is the final product. In line to do this, one takes their achievement according to fulfillment either externally and internally that’ll help us care for ourselves and in turn care for one another…showing how much WE CARE!!!

From us at EGCF we wish you a relaxing and blissful weekend ahead!!


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