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The world Non-governmental Organization (NGO) Day is a day set aside by the Baltic sea forum, the United Nations and other international organizations to applaud and celebrate the good works of NGO’s and civil societies for their roles in advancing the course of humanity for a greater good for all.

These organizations which are born through an urgent need to enrich humanity by taking on issues that deplete the basic human standard of living, rights and privileges of some. These organizations have had high impact in climate change, environmental hazards, health advocacy, education, public policy, research and their efforts in highlighting issues and causes that some governments would rather ignore.

Envision Global Care Foundation as a humanitarian NGO join the rest of the world in celebrating this day as we stay committed to deploying our time, expertise, knowledge and other resources to improve the livelihood of the less privilege, vulnerable and displaced ones across Nigeria and beyond.

In line with our core values we promise to keep remaining a voice to the dominant voice of oppression to many as we Celebrate, Commemorate and Collaborate with various NGO’s around the world and the people behind them that contribute to the the organizations all year round…with God we would keep representing hope for all those caught up in the darker side of the room.


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