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Memories children have of events in their lives.

Sometimes, I am simply stunned by the vivid memories children have of events in their lives. While they may not always be able to physically react to these events due to their vulnerability, the memories remain in their hearts and they grow up, fashioned according to their past lives.

Anyone who has been in an orphanage will instantly notice the way the little children so dearly crave the tiniest show of affection. Their hands are ever reaching out to be held, carried and hugged. However, one striking thing you cannot miss is that the teenagers are of a more withdrawn, shy and broken disposition. This is primarily because growing up, they are constantly faced with the realities of their past backgrounds and this makes them grow in insecurity and bitterness.

I know that we do have a responsibility of love to reach out to people in need, and if I may dare, I will implore that you channel your heart to the less privileged in orphanage homes this period. See, for these precious children, you will be amazed how far a show of love and an arm of care can will go to change their perception about life and the good news is, they are still young and reachable.

There exist in those poorly furnished homes, children with immensely great potentials whose creative thoughts and skillful hands are weakened by constant hunger, inadequate love and attention, and lack in every area of their lives. These children bear our posterity, they bear heavy influence on the future of our nation. While we can, with whatever we can afford, let us give to them and show them that there is indeed true love in the world.


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