ENVISION MATERNAL, NEWBORN AND CHILD HEALTHCARE PROGRAM (EMNCHP) emnch program Relief material distribution and other past projects

Another on going project managed by Envision Global Care Foundation is the EMNCH Program or Envision Maternal, Newborn and Child healthcare program in partnership with The Wellbeing Foundation Africa, financially support the delivery service and delivery kits of 30 less-privileged women, especially those not previously enjoyed quality and facility-based delivery. Since 1990, the world has witnessed a significant drop in annual maternal deaths. If Nigeria must attain the Sustainable Development Goals, and improve the livelihoods of people, surely concerted efforts are crucially needed to address these stark numbers. This means that women do not seek natal-care services appropriately and many can not afford to have facility-based delivery. The expected outcome is to reduce the maternal mortality of less-privileged women in remote communities.


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