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In all the universe, there is no miracle like humanity. Though diverse in thoughts, desires, tongues, beliefs and systems, humanity is inarguably one body, made up of different cells. The reality of this is that every part (every class, profession, race, etc) is directly or indirectly responsible for the other and the wounding of one part will have far reaching consequences on the other.

To explain this using three main cartegories of man’s life (education, sociality and health): education is the bedrock of success, yet all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Still, a successful life and a sound mind will soon become a liability without good health. Hence teachers, entertainers and doctors though separate and apart from each other, are indirectly intertwined in this circle of humanity where each one needs the other.
So we see that though we might be gifted with everything good in life, yet the deep sufferings of the less privileged resonates with us in ways we might not be able to identify or even be willing to admit. We might see the less privileged children on the streets, overthrown by disease infections; the mothers that suckle their children under bridges with arms outsretched to beg alms of every passerby; the broken and wounded orphan in IDP camps; the sexually assaulted girl in a shelter; we might see all of these and conclude in our hearts that they are victims of fate. Yet, tough as it will be to accept, we are victims of their fates too.

Through history, we will find that some of the great inventions we enjoy and depend upon today, were made by folks who once begged bread and suffered countless woes. They rose with a passion that didn’t allow them rest until they had changed the course of history. Now imagine if these ones never made it out of the gutters.
This year’s World Humanitarian Day, the call is to our hearts, our consciences, our concern for our fellow men and our responsibility to posterity. In living, let us extend an arm of love to the needy; in building our dreams, let us have a heart that will accomodate the less privileged and when we walk through life, let us look out for those whose daily meals are picked from the garbage.
We are humanity. We resonate with each other. Let us live with love on the lead.


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