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We are grateful for the new year and the blessings and new resolves it has brought. We are grateful for the past year and the achievements we had in it. We are grateful for life, for health and we are grateful to you for your unrelenting support in seeing the less privileged are reached with the love and care that they need.
Last year was quite eventful for the most part. We are grateful to everyone, especially, who contributed during the Open House event that catered for the needs of the precious children at the God’s Love Tabitha Orphanage Foundation. Their hearts and prayers are continually with you.
This year, with our hearts continually pressed with the needs of the less privileged and those suffering in vulnerable groups, shelters and camps across the nation, we are set again to do way more than we have done in the past years. We are renewing commitment to working tirelessly and selflessly to see that the need of the poor and needy are met. Our programs and activities are being tailored to see to their health and mental wellbeing and we will not stop, not with whatever challenges the year might bring.
To this, we call you: a year of reaching out to the less privileged and showing them love with the degree to which we have been blessed. Let’s be unrelenting and passionate about reaching out to the less privileged. Let’s show love. Let us make, as part of our new year resolves, to reach out to those in need who need our help. It is to love sharing that we call you; it is to giving that we implore you and it is to a lifestyle of helping the less privileged that we encourage you.
You will be shocked at how much very little can do for the poor. What may be crumbs to us might be platefuls to someone else. So let us love, let us give, and let us make this world a place of love and smiles!!
Happy new year once again!!!

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