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We are always at the fore-front of enriching lives. Today, we live in a world where poverty and hardship affects us. We all have to dig deep and help the less privileged. Envision Global Care Foundation since its inception has done nothing less than helping those in the IDP camps, Orphanages and those who cannot really fend for themselves.


Envision Global Care Foundation (EGCF) is a humanitarian and development non-governmental organization (NGO) that is entrenched in the principles of giving back to the society.  We have successful experience at delivering high-impact health and humanitarian services to less privileged women and children, as well as working to improve livelihoods of under-served families and communities. While we are aware of the contextual factors that militate against progress in improving health and well-being; eradicating poverty and attaining peaceful communities; and improving educational outcomes, especially for children and youth, we are poised to achieve measurable success through strong partnerships, evidence-based programs of action, impact investment, advocacy, and strategic philanthropy.

Meet the EGCF Leadership Team

Our Vision

A world where the less-privileged and vulnerable have full access to quality livelihoods, including nutrition, health, education, shelter and a peaceful society.

Our Mission

The Foundation works to:

  1. Mobilize and deploy resources for the provision of high-impact, high-quality health services for less privileged women and children, at no cost to them.
  2. Build partnerships and catalyst investments in the provision of high-impact, high-quality education to under-served children and youth.
  3. Advocate for policies and programs that will foster the provision of health and educational services in Nigeria and around the world.

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Our Values

The activities of the Foundation are entrenched in the principles of giving back to the society. We are guided by:

    Our growing partnership is encouraged and sustained through incontrovertible probity and transparency.
    Straightforwardness and consistency remains our innate passion in delivering care to our target group(s).
    We care without bias to creed, class or political disposition and affiliation.

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